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Emma Chalmers Rebelology YOUR BODY YOUR RULES is on online education course for people who are ready for a little rebellion, that is being released in JANUARY 2016! Delivered by Emma Chalmers (aka Emazon) who have been touring the country with events, courses, workshops to bring you the most updated empowering education! My Body My Rules is reputed to be the vital starting point to create your own rule book and is now, for the first time, being released to help you become your own mind coach!

You’ll learn why you’re sick and tired of rules.  Why you no longer want to follow someone else’s outdated rules for YOUR health, fitness and emotional well-being. We know you’ve been there – done that and you have outgrown the idea of “ANOTHER PROGRAM”!

For more information on Emma, the course cost or to preview the curriculum, enter your details below and we will send you an email with everything you need to know before starting on your journey to becoming your own mind coach!  CHECK IT OUT BY CLICKING HERE


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