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We are so excited to launch our new website and company development.

For those of you who have followed Emazon over the years, you would have witnessed the evolution from PT company to into hosting events around the country. Emazon.TV is growing and we are thrilled to showcase events that deliver education and inspiration on body, mind and spirit for fitness.  Created and hosted by Emazon company founder Emma Barbato, Emazon TV events are dedicated to spreading the word and educating our audience about the new paradigm in fitness that welcomes the methodologies mind therapies and spiritual coaching into the industry. We believe that true health and well-being comes from empowered self education in self care. These events give us the opportunity to deliver this knowledge.

In 2000 Emazon was established as a personal training business and evolved over 15 years to being one of the most renowned channels for knowledge in holistic therapies and methodologies through live events on online courses. Company founder and event producer, Emma Barbato has featured on the Biggest Loser, Australia’s Next top Model, in Who Weekly, Oxygen Magazine and won various business awards for her contribution to social issues and cultural change and is passionate about gathering speakers and motivators around Australia to produce events that are both practical and inspiring.

EmazonTV events shares ideas, inspirations, celebrations and  knowledge from a broad range game changers, visionaries and trail blazers who are breaking ground to unite the principles of body, mind and spirit into commercial fitness. These events showcase the dynamic social change in body image, nutrition, training philosophy, spiritual practice and mind therapies through workshops, national tours, celebrations, conventions, blog publication and online education.

Here you will find a showcase of live events where people gather from all over the country to meet and learn from some of the industries revolutionary leaders and to connect with like-minded audience. The Ignite Live and Stand Conventions sold out in 2013 and 2014 events that featured in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth and continues to gather a momentum from a growing audience who want to expand their knowledge into a more holistic practice.

Want to host an Emazon event at your venue or club? Email the team at info@emazon.tv 

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