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Produced and hosted by EmazonTV founder Emma Barbato. Ignite Live is the product of over 15 years in the fitness industry, expanded by the contribution of body, mind and spirit teachers who are a part of the dynamic shift in the fitness culture. The purpose behind IGNITE Live was to meet the demand from people who wanted to step away from the confines of commercial fitness and weight-loss and educate themselves in a greater holistic approach to wellness of the body, mind and spirit. The line-up features a mix of profile speakers in the industry along with new-bloods who are rising fast in the circuit. A full day event with 10 workshop to choose from that tours to Melbourne, BRISBANE and SYDNEY .

The speaker line up includes host and producer Emma Barbato and returning favorites Shannon Brenton presenting the Law of Homeostasis and Oscar DeSous presenting the popular workshops The Spirit and The Human Energy Field. We introduce Melanie Robinson to present Food as Medicine, Eddy DeSilva to open our eyes to our Astrological DNA and Jade Stewart to co-present Sacred Signs. Click here for the full workshop line up and description

line up

IGNITE LIVE 2015 Line up

“My Body My Rules” is a concept that is sweeping the nation. It reflects the shift from the old ways of following the generic “one size fits all” program to learning how to custom our own well-being plan based on our individual needs. To do this, self-education is rapidly becoming the key to self-care. Evidence shows people are starting to invest more in self education then they are in instructional programs. Ignite Live is ultimate platform to educate those who want to select what area they want to learn about in body, mind and spirit for fitness.

Read more about event creator Emma Barbato and how she tours the country teaching both fitness professionals and direct to public about the social and cultural change in our psychology towards health, fitness, beauty and self development. Endorsed by a career of 15 years as a Director, media personality, producer and teacher along with formal study in neuroscience, marketing and social psychology, this event is the platform for the game changers and innovators who are evolving fitness into a new era as consumers and professionals.

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