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The Emazon Agency has produced ‘Body Positive in the Media’ Australia’s first media and culture conference that explores the development of the body positive movement and how it has impacted the way we communicate with women in the health, beauty and lifestyles industries.

As consumers in the fitness, beauty and lifestyle marketplace become increasingly self-educated, liberated and connected through social media platforms; the ideals of beauty and health are not only changing, if mis-communicated, they can destruct a brand overnight.

The global body positive movement and campaigns such as #thisgirlcan #effyourbeautystandards #BodyImageMovement #ImNoAngel #WomenNotObjects #choosereal, are rewriting the rule book on how to communicate with women. This is not a fad, catch phrase or fleeting trend to be exploited. It is evident is has become an established platform of activism. Brands and business within these industries are starting to acknowledge this phenomena can impact their brand reputation and bottom line if disregarded.

We are now in search of the new rule book.

The event producers have gathered Body Positive thought leaders and innovators to offer their insight into this cultural evolution. This 2 hour event aims to help the audience understand the new psychology of their target market by offering the line up of Keynote Opening ‘The Rise of the Feminine Rebel’ by Emma Chalmers and guest panel for discussion and Q&A.

See the full line up here.

Watch the extract from the Rebelology Podcast with Keynote Presenter Emma Chalmers who talks more about why attending an event like this is ‘imperative’ to anyone interested in this topic.

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